Regular Season Mentorships: Information for Mentors

Payroll Information

(Regular Season)

Payroll/Credit Information

  1. Paid by AP-SJ at the end of the Season.

  2. $20, and 1 AAA playoff credit per official mentored.

  3. Payment and playoff credit will be based on the submission of the online mentorships form. The deadline for the submission of this form is 7 days from the completion of the game*; if you cannot submit the form by this deadline please email the mentorship coordinator.

*Mentorships submitted after 7 days may not be paid if the program goes over budget due to reasons such as rescheduled mentorships.

Mentorship Form Importance

There are atleast three reasons for submitting the assessment form:

  1. People learn by doing, reading, and hearing. Therefore, referees learn by refereeing games (doing), being told feedback (hearing) and having something in writing (reading).

  2. Completed mentorship forms are required to advance referees to higher levels of hockey.

  3. Completed mentorship forms allow mentors to track progress and plan future feedback accordingly.

  4. AP-SJ requires the forms to pay the $20 reimbursement.

Hockey Winnipeg Referee Development strives to improve minor hockey by improving officials through mentorship, community development, educational materials and practical rule applications while graduating minor hockey officials to thrive at higher levels of hockey.