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Managing On-ice Stress

Stress, in any part of your life is always associated with regretting the past or worrying about the future. For example, "I regret not starting the assignment three days ago and now I am worried I will not finish it by the deadline." Another example, "I wish I had called that hit from i going to lose control of this game?" The only way to reduce the stress is to be in the present in the here-and-now.


The following exercise is designed to expose you to using breathing and mindfulness techniques to be in the present while refereeing hockey. Before you begin, get a snack or glass of cold water for step 2 below. You may also want headphones.

Step 1) Push play and follow the directions in the three minute meditation to the right.

Step 2) With or without using the video a second time, focus on your breath and drink some water or eat your snack; be aware of how the water/food tastes as you consume it. Just accept and appreciate whatever you sense and whatever you are thinking.. You are using the food and your breath to be in the moment.

Step 3) Take a look at the file called "More Info about Stress Management" to apply these ideas to refereeing.

Step 4) When you leave the computer, use mindful breathing to sense how your body feels as you move.

Do you want more information about MBSR? Check out this video from 60 Minutes!

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