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FAQ for New Officials

1) Where do I sign up for refereeing?

Answer: Sign up through Hockey Manitoba: a link is on the home page between August and late October.


2) What clinics do I need to be a referee?

Answer: As a new official you need to complete Hockey University and attend an in-person clinic. Full information can be obtained from Hockey Manitoba's Officiating Coordinator. Their contact information is found on the Hockey Manitoba contact page.


3) What should I do after I have signed up for my in-person referee clinic?

Answer: Attend your clinic and contact your referee-in-chief.


4) How do I get my first game?

Answer: Contact your referee-in-chief.


5) Who is my Referee-In-Chief?

Answer: You need to know what area of the city you live in, based on the area of city, your RIC is at the bottom of the page found here.


6) What equipment do I need to referee hockey?

Answer: Click here


7) What equipment do I need for my clinic?

Answer: You can bring all of your referee equipment and a pen/pencil. However, at minimum, you must have skates, a helmet, a whistle, and a pen/pencil.


8) Where do I get my Hockey Winnipeg number?

Answer: Hockey Winnipeg numbers are rarely needed anymore. So that likely answer is "you don't need one". However, if someone insists that you have when then contact Hockey Winnipeg here.


9) Where do I purchase crests from? Where do I put my crests?

Answer: You will recieve two crests from your clinic assuming your purchased them electronically when you signed up for your clinic. However, if you need crests then please contact Hockey Manitoba. Your Hockey Manitoba Crests will go over your heart (left side of your chest). Your hockey Canada Crest will go on your left deltoid (shoulder). Here are two pictures to help you place the crests.

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