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Non-HWRD Resources

Note: These resources are not affiliated with Hockey Winnipeg or Hockey Winnipeg Referee Development nor does HWRD benefit from your use these resources (unless otherwise noted). They are, however, run by people passionate about Hockey and Refereeing.


Podcasts & Free Content's mission is to help reduce the number of officials who quit. Team Stripes is a community of officials working to put out as much high-quality information as possible, including podcasts, videos, and articles! In 2018, we launched Team Stripes Academy with a former NHL Referee, now with officials from over 10 different countries. We also offer high-quality equipment and apparel - all of which you can find on our website.


Training, merchandise and podcast discussing

the ins-and-outs of officiating!

logod.jpg is a Manitoba podcast by referees for referees who want you to "look good, feel good, ref good!" Join hosts Hockey Manitoba referees, Burnie and PC, as they pursue topics from all over ice while still being onside and in position.

Official Podcast of

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Podcast, news, and stats about professional referees and liners around the globe! provides news, statistics, analysis, of NHL referees and liners as well as other professional leagues. They provide podcasts and articles through their website as well as social media.

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TheHockeyRefBook YourTube Channel gives you free videos about how to officiate hockey. These free videos complement the book "How to Referee Hockey: it is not just about the Rule Book". Know your job, do your job through positioning, procedures, game management, and professional skills.

FREE videos and presentations to help you learn to officiate hockey.

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Retail & Equipment

Retail and Equipment

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Source for Sports Pembina Highway is located at 2077 Pembina Highway, Unit 19. Winnipeg owner, Kyle Johanson, and his staff are passionate and knowledgeable to get you into the right gear to make the right call.

DEAL FOR ALL REFS: Identify yourself as a referee to receive 15% off referee gear and 10% off everything else. is the home of the book "How to Referee Hockey: It is not just about the rule book". Learn your positioning, procedures, game management, and professional skills all in one easy to use resource.

DEAL FOR REFS: Contact the author directly

and get your copy for $25 + shipping (free pick-up)

Note: the book's author is also principal of Any views in the book are solely the author's and do not reflect Hockey Winnipeg. Any sales from this book go to author. This book is also available at the Winnipeg Public Library.

Ref Book Final Cover Image.png is a one-stop-shop for all your hockey referee equipment needs. Our mission is to offer hockey officials an easy and affordable access to all the equipment they need, so that they can look good and be at their best on the ice!

DEAL FOR ALL REFS: Enter "RTR15" as a sale code and receive 15% off your order!

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