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FAQs about being a referee in Hockey Winnipeg

FAQ for Brand New Officials, click Here

1) May I referee games in areas other than my home association?

Answer: Yes, you may referee games in other associations. However, out of courtesy for your R.I.C. let them know that you plan to do so. Also, understand that games may be assigned to local officials first.


2) When will I get higher level or older age games?

Answer: This is a question to ask your area referee-in-chief.  WAIT, stop. Do not pick up that phone yet. The R.I.C.s would prefer that you ask "what skills can I improve to referee higher levels of hockey?" When you have that information, use it to improve yourself and see what happens!


3) When do I get called for games?

Answer: The black-and-white answer is "as soon as the schedule comes out." Most assignors will start assigning as soon as they get the schedule from Hockey Winnipeg; this is often only days before the schedule starts. You will find success getting more games if you let your assignor know your availability.


4) How do I get more games?

Answer: This is not a black-and-white answer and "it depends". For example, it depends on your availability, level of hockey capable, willingness to work all levels of hockey, willingness to take last minute cancellations. If you referee, line, and are willing to work U9 house league then you will get more games than someone who only wants to referee or line U18AA.

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