HWRD Community Survey Results & Other Research


March 2021: Wpgrefs.com asked former refs why they quit!

February 2021: Why do active refs say they keep reffing?

January 2021: How many Referees are there and how many quit?

December 2020: Comparing Caul & traditional whistle.

November 2020: How many calories burned per game?

February 2020: Why do active Hockey Winnipeg Referees of different years of experience think others quit?

November 2019: Comparing Referee's perspectives of officiating male and female hockey.

October 2019: Why do active Hockey Winnipeg Referees think other Referees quit.

February 2019: Why active Referees in APSJ think other APSJ Referees quit.

December 2018: If you could change one rule...

Autumn 2018: How do younger Referees give feedback to more experienced Referees?

Autumn 2017: How do you admit mistakes when you Referee hockey?

February 2017: How do Referees feel about the changes to Slew Footing rules?

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