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Here is an email from an official: "Hi Guys, Wondering if you have any videos or can point me in the direction of the rule book that speaks to face offs after a penalty call. I have been doing 9 and 10 year old games with my child then did an A1 game at Xmas and struggled a bit. I want to make certain I get it right so as to not impact the game or lose the trust of the players, coaches and parents. I am also wondering how I can tell the difference between Hockey Winnipeg and Hockey Canada Rules. Thanks in advance"

The simple answer is that if a team ends up killing a penalty then the face-off goes into that team's end zone. This means that coincidentals, Gross Misconducts, Game Misconducts and 10 minute Misconducts do not result in the face-off taking place in the offending teams end zone but rather at the nearest non-centre-ice face-off dot to where play was stopped. Npte, that even when there is a power play there are 5 exceptions to the next face-off taking place in the end zone. You can read those exceptions in the picture of rule 6.3c to the right (fun side note...that picture is from the Hockey Canada Rule Book app...).

With regards to the differences between Hockey Winnipeg and Hockey Canada, those differences are found in the Special Rules of the Hockey Winnipeg Rule Book starting on page 81. So, think of it this way...all rules follow Hockey Canada except the rules listed in the Hockey Winipeg Rule Book starting on page 81.


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