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White ices the puck. The icing is not called (oops). After controlling the puck in black's end for 90 seconds, white scores a goal. What does the referee do? If the goal is disallowed, does the clock get reset to when the icing should have been called? Where does the next face-off take place?

What we Learned

4.15e gives us the ability to change a ruling at the next stoppage: "Prior to the resumption of play, the referee has the authority to alter or correct their decision...". 6.6 interpretation 1 question 2 says " yes. The clock shall be reset as accurately as possible." The next face-off does not go to centre ice as only an error in stopping play for an icing goes to centre ice (6.3a); this was an error in not stopping play. Instead, the next face-off would go to the correct face-off location (white's end zone) as though the icing was called correctly. So, in this situation, call the goal back, set the clock back to the time that the icing should have been called, and have the next face-off in white's zone where it would have been as if the icing was called.

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Learing From Eachother
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