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It is overtime. Back and forth rushes. U13. Lots of enthusiasm. You know that when this goal is scored the winning team is going to rush on the ice…the whole bench. What do you do?

What we Learned

OK, so. There are two potential unfortunate outcomes to consider when a team jumps on the ice at the end of the game without permission from the officials (this is true whether it is overtime or the end of any period).

  1. The first is the perception of the team that loses. Think about it...In overtime, assume the teams are playing 3 on 3. When the other team scores, their entire team is on the ice so there are 15 winning skaters to 3 losing skaters. What if the losing team thinks the winning team is starting a fight? Well, now the losing team jumps on the ice leading to a bench clearing brawl.

  2. The second potentially unfortunate outcome occurs if you call a penalty and a coach fails to control their bench at the end of a game or period. In this case of failure to hold the bench at the end of playing time with a penalty being assessed, the coach is assessed a game misconduct (10.4e).

Bottom line, it is better to have the teams hold their benches.


In this situation, there was a mentor at the game. The mentor wrote: "at end of game the players from Black flooded the ice to celebrate the game winning goal in O.T. The back liner needs to turn and make that bench hold so that those players stay at the bench until the players on the ice have been dealt with. This is about awareness and situational officiating (find more information about situational officiating on the situational officiating page).

It is important to hold those benches because if a penalty is called on that final play then you are required to assess a game misconduct to the head coach for not holding their bench. We need to hold that bench because if something happens on that goal…like pushing and shoving then all those celebrating players flooding the ice can cause the other team to flood the ice to defend themselves…so…be ready to make those teams hold their benches for an Overtime Goal. This can be done by:

  1. Having the back liner physically and verbally blocking their way on to the ice.

  2. Taking an opportunity at an earlier stoppage or between periods to remind both teams to hold their benches until the officials release them."

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Learning From Eachother
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