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Altercation Management: How to deal with skirmishes and fights

Steps to take to manage an altercation:

1) realize that you do not always need to get physically involved with players whether there is a fight or a squirmish.

2) Try to establish presence by being at the hotspot.

3) Use your voice or whistle to make it stop.

4) Repeat as necessary.

5) Become physically involved only if a player is in an unsafe situation but continue to use 2 & 3 the entire time.

If the situation becomes a fight...Four steps to breaking up a fight:

1)Clear the area of any debris.


2)Let the players tire out before intervening; players will tire quickly.


3)Talk to your partner and decide to go in together and who takes which player (if multiple fights then you and your partner work together one fight at a time).

4)When going in wrap-up your player’s arms* by wrapping your arms around his or her arms; coming from the front or side, not from behind..

*Always talking calmly and assertively

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